Sintron OEM LCD Bildschirm Ersatz – Für iPhone 6S Plus Weiß Komplett Montiert Einschließlich Originalteile Frontkamera, Näherungssensor, Hörmuschel Lautsprecher, LCD Bildschirm + Werkzeug

Quality would be the same as Original!3 guaranteed quality : all parts each screen is strictly tested three times before shipping to ensure the elimination of static lines, black screen, dead spots, and other technical issues that often arise with other brands of screen replacement kits.4 buy with confidence : this is a replacement lcd and digitizer and is of the highest quality.

Wrapped in bubble bags in shipping to avoid damage, We are responsible for any damage during transit or quality problem. 30-day money Back Guaranteed. 5 technical support : if you are not sure about the installation, we summarize common mistakes for beginners and provide step by step replacement tutorial PDF, and these steps and guidances are available on Youtube.

24 hour Customer Support. Note: home button is not included, because you need your unique home button touch id to work with your unique iPhone. Our customer service can be reached by e-mail. Or you can also contact us and we will do our utmost to help you with installation. Package include 1x fully assembled lcd display touch screen Digitizer Weiß 1x Necessary Tool Kit 1 brand : sintron is a registered trademark for High Quality LCD screen replacement.

2 pre-assembled with original parts : front camera, Earpiece, Proximity Sensor, LCD shield are from original. Every screen will be assigned a unique identification number, This replacement kit is only compatible with iPhone 6S Plus 5.

JETech Hülle für iPhone 6s Plus iPhone 6 Plus, Schutzhülle mit Anti-kratzt Transparente und Rückseite, HD Klar

Schlankes design. Hergestellt mit pc und tpu. Das paket beinhaltet: iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus fall, lebenszeit garantiekarte. Ultra-transparenter und kratzfester rücken, UV-beständigkeit und anti-gelb. Jetech apple iphone 6 Plus Case 5. 5 inch bumper cover shock-absorption Bumper and Anti-Scratch Clear Back for iPhone 6 Pro 5.

5 inch release on 2014 crystal clear entwickelt für iphone 6 Plus und iPhone 6s Plus 5, 5″. Erhöhte einfassungen bieten schutz für bildschirm und kamera. Einzigartiges dämpfungs design: 4 Ecken absorbieren effektvoll Schocks. Einfacher zugriff auf alle steuerelemente und funktionen; Perfekte ausschnitte für lautsprecher, kamera und andere anschlüsse.


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